The World's Highest Quality Time and Pitch Scaling Software


25 Jan 2004 (JST)
3-10-7 Tsutsujiga-oka
Miyagino Sendai
983-0852 Japan

The world's highest quality time and pitch scaling software
CHRONOStream released

P SOFTHOUSE (HQ: Sendai Miyagi Japan, CEO: HATAKEYAMA Keiki) launch the sale of "CHRONOStream" that based on the world's highest quality of time and pitch scaling technology "PHISYX" from Jan 25. It provides the natural and superior time stretching and pitch sifting effect to all kinds of audio file.

The best of time-stretching “CHRONOStream”

Product Features

CHRONOStream is based on the world's highest quality of time and pitch scaling technology "PHISYX" that provides the unexemplified natural and superior time stretching and pitch sifting effect. Completely independent control for time stretching and pitch shifting gives total freedom of sound file editing.

Since CHRONOStream has simple and elegant designed interface, everyone can use it viscerally with outstanding quality. It provides the perfect conditions for the musical instruments performance and the music data processing after mastering in the professional fields requiring quality. At the same time, it is better suited for all sound creators in terms of simple and convenient usability and its high processing quality.

  • The world's highest quality of time stretching and Pitch shifting
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supported multiple formats
  • Assist the time stretching
  • Special functions for loop sounds

PHISYX technology

PHISYX; Phase Interpolated and Synchronized Expansion is the world's highest quality of time and pitch scaling sound technology developed by P SOFTHOUSE. By focusing on the frequency component in the sound waveform, it provides the superior time-stretching and pitch-shifting processing never heard before.

Every aspect of life

  • There is no satisfaction in existing time-stretching products.
  • Since existing product was expensive, I couldn't buy it.
  • I can not find the best product to synchronize audio files and video files.
  • I am finding the affordable product to adjust the tempo for DJ.
  • I want to play the sound files in half speed to take the listening copy.
  • I want to change the groove of mixed audio files.
  • I want to listen slowly hard to catch part of the voice memo of conference.
  • I am finding the high-quality speed-changeable audio player.
  • I want to hear native speakers dialogs in any-speed for language learning.

System requirements and specifications


SystemOS: Windows XP/2000
CPU: Intel Pentium compatible 2GHz or faster recommended
Memory: Over 256MB recommended
HDD: Over 100MB of available disk space
Audio devices: MME compatible
SpecificationsFile formats: WAV, MP3, WMA
Time stretch: 25% to 400%
Pitch shifti: -24 to +24 semitones
MIX and SOLO algorithm
XY control
Auto stretch
Auto pitch sift
Assistance for time stretching (Tempo assigning / Time assigning)
Output Gain control
Rendering as wav file
Sound play/stop/loop
CPU usage display ( wav format )

Price and How to purchase

Price: 12,600 Yen( tax inc.)
How to purchase: It is possible to purchase online.
Please check the following URL for purchase.

More details

More information can be found here.

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