Purchase Flow


Customer PSOFT
Makes an order using the order form.
Sends an email about the procedure for settling the order.
Temporary registration completed.


Customer PSOFT
Accesses the order settlement webpage mentioned in the email about settling the order.
Order placement completed.
Receives the email about the payment procedure.Sends an email about the payment procedure.
Makes the payment.Confirms the payment.
User registration completed (done within 5 business days.)


Customer PSOFT
Downloads the product from the user page.Sends the ID and password required to log-in to the user page by email.
Installs the product.  
Authorizes the product.
Process completed.


About issuing the log-in ID and password

The necessary information for downloading your product (user ID and password) shall be sent to you by email after we confirmed your payment (within 5 business days of the payment). If the payment is concluded after our business hours, it shall be considered as having been concluded on the next business day. Business hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (Japan time, UTC/GMT +9 hours). Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese national holidays.

When paying by credit card, the above email will be sent automatically right after the payment is completed.

*If you do not receive our email after completing your payment, please contact us using the inquiry form.