Warranty Policy

1.Period of validity.

  • The order settlement shall be completed within 72 hours of submitting the order form.
  • The product can be downloaded starting on the day of the purchase until support for the product is discontinued.

*The warranty shall be void if the one of the above validity periods is exceeded.

2. Products bought and downloaded on this site do not include a CD package, printed manual, nor any other kind of physical media.

3. Please make sure to back up the downloaded product data.

We provide no warranty for lost data, such as when you re-install you computer, etc.

4. We provide no warranty that our products can be used on all computer and operating system environments.

Please take the time to thoroughly test the product using the free demo version before buying it.

5. Inquiries relating to our software shall be addressed as indicated below.

  • We provide no support for the demo versions


[Sales and Marketing]

Please use the inquiry form to send us your inquiries related to PSOFT products and how to purchase them.

[Technical Support]

Please use the report form on the user page to contact us regarding bug reports and technical problems.