PSOFT Laboratory

We are constantly seeking new challenges.
Some of are accomplishments are introduced here.

Effect Plug-in (provisional title)

[2005-2006] for 3ds Max

This effects plug-in for 3D computer graphics is based on a real-time effect algorithm and is intended to be used for games, etc.

Since it allows the creation of effects through simple adjustments to preset parameters, it is expected to be very efficient when producing contents for television animation, commercials, etc.

WaterColor 3D

[2001] for 3ds Max

Non-photorealistic rendering engine that reproduces the appearance of soft watercolor paintings in 3D computer graphics.

Not limited to still images, this basic research and development project succeeded in reproducing the appearance of watercolors in 3D animation, something that was never seen before.

A product of this research is the renderer "Liquid+" for 3ds Max (released in April 2004).