Pencil+ 1.1 Released

Non-photo realistic shader plug-in realized the fascinating representations Pencil+ 1.1 has released with new additional functions.

This version up purpose was improvement of the progress in the work flow mainly with some additional new functions such as Save as default for Pencil+ material and line.

Details of version up
[Added functions]
* Sharpness function for reinforcement the Specular
* Save as default of Gradation
* Save as default of Line Element
* Save and Load of Line Element and Line
* Threshold of Outline for the line
* Line Alpha Attenuation by virtue of the Z depth
[Modified points]
* Refined on user interface behavior of Line
* The problem from applied a map that mapping coordinates is screen to a line revised

Pencil+ 1.1


System requirementsOS: Microsoft Windows ME,2000,XP
Works on the 3ds max 5.x, 3ds max6
Hardware: (Conform to 3ds max 5.x system requirements)
CPU: Over 300 MHz Intel or AMD compatible (Recommended dual Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon system)
RAM: Over 256 MB (Recommended over 1GB and 2GB swapping space)

Price and Release time of proper version

Release time26 Jan 2004
Provisional price 30,000Yen (out of 5% Consumption tax)
About 278 U.S. $ (Calculated 108 yen / 1 $)
About 229 Euro (Calculated 131 yen / 1 Euro)

More details

More information can be found here.

Demo version download

Pencil+ Demo version is here.

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