Liquid+ Released Now

NPR (Non Photo Realistic) renderer Liquid+ for 3ds max is released now from P SOFTHOUSE CO., LTD. Liquid+ realizes the hand-paint watercolor expressions with bleed and jitter images on 3DCG animation. And Free Demo is also available for your trial.

And we are having Liquid+ Release Sale Campaign until 31 May with special priced Liquid+ and Liquid+/Pencil+ combo etc... It's profitable. Don't miss this chance!

Sale Campaign Special Priced Items

Liquid+ 1.0
[Special priced package]
Special Price: 41,800yen(tax inc.)(Usual price: 45,800yen)
About 390 U.S. $
About 319 Euro
Liquid+ 1.0
[Pencil+ 1.1 combo package]
Special Price: 67,300yen (tax inc.)(Usual total price: 77,300yen)
About 629 U.S. $
About 514 Euro
Liquid+ 1.0
[Pencil+ user special package]
Special Price: 39,800yen(tax inc.)(Usual price: 45,800yen)
About 372 U.S. $
About 304 Euro
* Announced Pencil+ user via e-mail only can order this package.

Period of Sale Campaign

From 21 April to 31 May

System Requirements

Liquid+ 1.0 for 3ds max
OSMicrosoft Windows 2000/XP
Software 3ds max 5.x、3ds max 6
(Conform to 3ds max 5.x or 6 system requirements)
CPU: Over 300 MHz Intel or AMD compatible
(Recommended dual Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon system)
RAM: Over 512 MB (Recommended over 2GB RAM and 4GB swapping space)

* System requirements was modified from press release in 5 April 2004.

Price and Release time of Liquid+

Release Date 21 April 2004
Price (tax inc.) 45,800 yen

Liquid+ more details

More information can be found here.

Demo version download

Liquid+ demo version is here.

About purchase

You can purchase from PSOFT download order system.
The registered user can access to the User page and we will provide the support service and news information.

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