P SOFTHOUSE Releases PHISYX2 Original Time Stretch and Pitch Shift Technology

FOR RELEASE Oct 4, 2005

Original Time Stretch and Pitch Shift Technology

-- The first PHISYX (Phase Interpolated and Synchronized Expansion) version upgraded with higher data processing skill, so that it will be possibly adapted to other audio software and hardware to explore its unique time stretch/pitch shift technology. --

Sendai, Miyagi (October 4, 2005) – P SOFTHOUSE, software developers, today introduces their PHISYX2 technology which allows audio data processing time to be 700% faster than its initial version with a newly added feature called “Formant control”. PHISYX is a time stretch/pitch shift technology at world-class level, which has been developed by P SOFTHOUSE. The technology controls phases in sound waves, so that it creates high results. PHISYX works well without producing echoes, choruses and timing inaccuracy of sound production that other traditional time/pitch scaling software may meet.

“We are positive that our customers will have interests in PHISYX2 which is a special technology we have.” mentions HATAKEYAMA Keiki, a chief executive officer at P SOFTHOUSE. “We expect that PHISYX2 will contribute to other software and hardware to give additional values with its unique technology. To show audience its sample configuration, CHRONOStream2 is now waiting for its release.” Hatakeyama also comments.

PHISYX2 includes following three main features. First, it speeds up the data processing. PHISYX2 takes only one-seventh of processing time than that of its initial version, working on lower CPU load. Its algorithm had been re-built, so that all information processing has been more optimized and can be possibly processed in real time. Second, its processed sound quality has been improved. The latest version allows data processing to be more accurate. The re-constructed algorithm makes phase synchronizing optimized, so that sound phases can precisely keep their originality. Third, it has a brand new feature called “Formant control”. The new PHISYX controls formant frequency which is characteristics of person’s voice. The formant frequency can be moved as required, so that the original formant can be kept, ensuring that the data is always heard in its original form. Alternatively, female voices can be changed into male voices, or vice versa, using this feature.

P SOFTHOUSE is planning to contract PHISYX2 licensing with their business partners. The latest PHISYX has been written in a common programming language, not in special codes for certain platforms, so that it can be easily built in other audio software and hardware. For example, PHISYX users can utilize a pitch shift feature for microphones to output processed sounds from loud speakers in real time. Not only for that but also for mobile audio players, next generation’s recorders/players, Karaoke players, Pro Audio players, voice recorders, digital hearing aids, foreign language learning tools, mobile talking speed converters, vocal sound changers and more.

For product information visit:
PHISYX2 https://www.psoft.co.jp/files/phisyx/phisyx2_051004_en/
CHRONOStream https://www.psoft.co.jp/product/chronostream/

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HYEON Boksoon
Email: info@psoft.co.jp
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