P SOFTHOUSE Releases CHRONOStream2 -the Time/Pitch Scaling Software

FOR RELEASE Nov 9, 2005

-P SOFTHOUSE Releases CHRONOStream2 -the Time/Pitch Scaling Software-

--CHRONOStream, a Windows compatible audio software, has been upgraded with better processing abilities and new features. The easy-handling time-stretch and pitch-shift software, based on the PHISYX 2 (Phase Interpolated and Synchronized Expansion) sound technology, will be available soon from P SOFTHOUSE.--

Sendai, Miyagi (November 9, 2005)-P SOFTHOUSE, software developers, today are pleased to announce that CHRONOStream(R) version 2.0 will be released on November 9th. CHRONOStream, which has been developed using PHISYX 2 (*See the reference) for controlling phases in sound waves, is an easily handled time/pitch scaler which produces a natural sound quality. Its graphical interface is simple, so that users do not have to struggle through a manual. And also, rendered data can be saved, so that users can reuse the modified data multiple times. Time and pitch are operated independently, so that time can be changed without pitch shifting and pitch can be shifted without time length changes.

"We are confident that CHRONOStream2 will be commonly used for a variety of purposes with its easy operation." comments HATAKEYAMA Keiki, a chief executive officer at P SOFTHOUSE. "For studying languages, the software helps learners to listen, repeat and take dictation what an audio file says, for instance. For business circumstances, its time stretching skill is useful to easily re-check conference proceedings. Its pitch shifting technology will help professional music creators to manipulate their audio resources as what they wish. " Hatakeyama also mentions its software management possibilities. "CHRONOStream2 shows our business partners how PHISYX2 can be manipulated for software. We are welcoming any proposals to use the PHISYX2 technology for other products."

CHRONOStream2 helps professionals in several aspects. For dances and plays, for example, the software adjusts accurate timings of back ground music to fit into any arranging. For commercial message creation, the technology arranges sound data to incorporate into. For singers, it modifies existing audio data to shift pitches of their voices. For TV program edit, the software produces several kinds of vocal characters from the only one original sound data. Thus, CHRONOStream2 has a lot of possibilities to be manipulated.

CHRONOStream2 has been upgraded with the following features. First of all, rendering speed is now about seven times faster with lower CPU load. Users can see the results of their work almost immediately, and the software lets PCs work lighter. Next, a new algorithm RHYTHM treats beat music properly. There are three algorithms (MIX, SOLO and RHYTHM) to deal with data. This means that users can flexibly choose a suitable algorithm to handle any audio resources whatever unique qualities they may have. A new feature -Formant Control- makes stretched human voice data such as narrations and songs much clearer. In this manipulation, formant position can be moved, so that female voices can be changed into male voices, or vice versa.

*The PHISYX2 (Phase Interpolated and Synchronized Expansion) technology is the world level time and pitch scaling technology developed by P SOFTHOUSE. By focusing on phases in sound waves, the technology provides a superior time stretching and pitch shifting ability to other exiting technologies. P SOFTHOUSE is currently applying for a patent on the PHISYX. Any proposals for PHISYX adaptation to other software and hardware are acceptable. For licensing, please contact to the PSOFT product information below.

For product information visit:
CHRONOStream2 https://www.psoft.co.jp/en/product/chronostream/
PHISYX2 https://www.psoft.co.jp/files/phisyx/phisyx2_051004_en/

For product purchasing visit https://www.psoft.co.jp/en/store/
Software list price 16,800 JPY (tax included)
Upgrade price 8,400 JPY (tax included)
Fixed-term discount upgrade price for current users 2,940 JPY (tax included)

For further information contact:
PSOFT product information
Email: info@psoft.co.jp
Phone: +81(22)2952711 (10 am to 5 pm Japan Time)

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