CHRONOStream Discontinues To Be Sold Upon New Version Release

Time/pitch scaling software CHRONOStream2 (tentative price 16,800 Yen) will be introducing at the beginning of November. CHRONOStream will be upgraded incorporating the dramatically improved PHISYX2 technology.

In accordance with this, CHRONOStream Ver1.x will be unavailable for purchase from the 9 Nov 2005.

*The date above has been fixed.

Dear current CHRONOStream Ver.1.x users

We offer you to apply for its upgrading service after the new version is released. The upgrade price is reduced for you.

[Ver.2.0 upgrade price list Ver.1.x to Ver.2.0]
  • Discount price 2,940 Yen (tax included)
  • Common price 8,400 Yen
*The upgrade term for low price is fixed from when CHRONOStream2 is released to 31 Jan 2006. After the term, the price will be the common price.