Release of "PSOFT Pencil+ 4 Line for Blender" Version 4.0.7

We have released version 4.0.7 of the free Blender add-on "PSOFT Pencil+ 4 Line for Blender" for creating hand-drawn-like lines on 3D objects with high quality and speed.

This update includes bug fixes.

We also added sample files for the "SelectionShapeGenerator" geometry nodes which can extract the boundaries of user-specified regions and create meshes.

Changes Since The Previous Version


  • Fixed a problem where an error occurred when rendering specific scenes.
  • Fixed a problem where node links were not properly reflected in the rendering when "Attribute Override" was used for some properties.
  • Minor bug fixes.

New Sample Files For Drawing Lines On Texture Boundaries

The new folder "SelectionShapeGenerator" was added to the sample files. It works with Blender 3.2 and up.

The "SelectionShapeGenerator" geometry nodes are organized to be able to extract the boundaries of regions specified by the user (or the surfaces of the regions specified by the user) and create meshes of the smoothed boundaries.

A material can be specified for the created meshes so that Lines can be drawn based on that material. For example, if meshes are created by "SelectionShapeGenerator" for alpha boundaries, lines can be drawn along the areas that are penetrated in the rendering.

Please download the sample files and try it out.

Supported Versions

Update Procedure

The add-on is available on GitHub. Please consult the manual below for the GitHub URL and installation procedure.

Users of "Pencil+ 4 Render App" version 4.0.0 need to update to version 4.0.2.
"Pencil+ 4 Render App" 4.0.2 can be downloaded from the "Download" section of the PSOFT User Page.

Free Demo Version

To draw lines using this add-on, you will need the "Pencil+ 4 Render App". First, install the trial version of the "Pencil+ 4 Render App" and give the "Pencil+ 4 Line for Blender" add-on a try. You can obtain the trial version of the "Pencil+ 4 Render App" from the following download page.