New Product: Release of "PSOFT CharacterBox" plugin for Modo

Sendai, Japan - June 29, 2016 - P SOFTHOUSE Co., Ltd. (Location: Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture, Japan. CEO: Keiki HATAKEYAMA) announces the release, on June 29, of "PSOFT CharacterBox", a Modo plugin for animating characters.

PSOFT CharacterBox for Modo is a character animation plugin for The Foundry's 3D computer graphics software Modo.

Users can freely create rigs for biped, quadruped, multiped characters, by combining general purpose modular rigs.

The plugin offers various capabilities necessary for character animation, such as muscle deformers, mesh contact deformers, etc.

Main Features

  • Powerful modular rigging capabilities
  • Muscle simulation
  • Generation of weight maps using polygon meshes
  • Creation of libraries of rigs, Motions, etc.


  • Modular rigs
  • Save / load rigs
  • Copy and paste / mirror paste Poses and Motions
  • Save / load Poses and Motions
  • Proprietary high speed IK solver
  • IK/FK blending
  • Twist arms and legs
  • Curve, bend, twist spine
  • Squash and stretch rigs
  • Tail delay
  • Rotation, scale inheritance settings
  • Muscle deformer
  • Mesh contact deformer
  • Generate weight maps using polygon meshes
  • Convert IK poses to FK
  • Bake motions

Supported Software

Modo by The Foundry versions
[Windows version] 902 / 10.x

Operating System
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10


Requirements identical to those of the host Modo version.


Stand-Alone License (Tax included)
Digital Version58320 Yen

Purchase Method

Sold on the PSOFT Store.

Demo Version Download

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