PSOFT CharacterBox

Powerful Character Animation Plugin

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PSOFT CharacterBox Features

PSOFT CharacterBox is a character animation plugin for the 3D computer graphics software Modo. It offers various capabilities necessary for character animation.

  • Powerful modular rigging capabilities
  • Muscle simulation
  • Generation of weight maps using polygon meshes
  • Creation of libraries of rigs, Motions, etc.

Create character rigs quickly and easily.

Freely create rigs for biped, quadruped animals, multiped characters, by combining general purpose modular rigs. Save your character rigs as libraries to be reused at any time.

Rigging capabilities with high degree of freedom.

The rigs offer many capabilities necessary for character animation. The rigs are controlled using graph editing to be able to do precise adjustments intuitively. Execution is quick even for characters with many joints thanks to our proprietary IK solver.

  • IK/FK blending
  • Twist arms and legs
  • Curve, bend, twist spine
  • Squash and stretch rigs
  • Tail delay
  • Rotation, scale inheritance settings

Pose and Motion reuse.

Copy your character's Pose or Motion and paste/mirror paste it. Easily create libraries by saving your Poses and Motions.

Muscle simulation.

Use muscle deformers and mesh contact deformers to create realistic skin expansion and contraction as well as skin deformation. Deformers have a generic design so their use is not limited to muscles.

Intuitive weight map configuration.

Configure weight maps' influence areas intuitively using polygon meshes. Mesh editing can be done directly with Modo's geometry editing tools.

Smoothly integrated workflow.

PSOFT CharacterBox is adapted to Modo for a deep and natural integration.

  • By using the setup state, you can still adjust joint positions after creating a Motion.
  • Rig hierarchical structures are minimal and simple so your scene stays clean.
  • Supports workflows that use Actions.
  • Bake Motions by replacing standard Modo skeletons with your rigs.
  • Extend your rigs by using Modo's standard channel modifiers.
  • Supports Modo's FBX output.
    You can export to and use your animations in 3dsMax, Maya, Unity, Unreal Engine, etc.
Unreal Engine

Main Features

  • Modular rigs
  • Save / load rigs
  • Copy and paste/mirror paste Poses and Motions
  • Save / load Poses and Motions
  • Proprietary high speed IK solver
  • Soft IK
  • IK/FK blending
  • Twist arms and legs
  • Curve, bend, twist spine
  • Squash and stretch rigs
  • Tail delay
  • Rotation, scale inheritance settings
  • Symmetric editing tool
  • Mirror weight tool
  • Muscle deformer
  • Mesh contact deformer
  • Generate weight maps using polygon meshes
  • Convert IK Poses to FK
  • Convert FK to 2DIK
  • Bake Motions


Standalone License
Network License

Information about the license is here.

Operating Environment

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Modo:Windows versions 10.2v2 / 11.x / 12.x / 13.x / 14.x / 15.1 (Python2.7) / 16.x (Python2.7)
*Modo 15.0 is not supported due to technical problems.
Release Notes

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