New Product: PSOFT Pencil+ 4 for 3ds Max Released

Pencil+ 4 for 3ds Max

PSOFT Pencil+ 4 for 3ds Max, our non-photorealistic rendering plugin for 3ds Max which produces pencil sketch-like strokes has been released. Please try the faster, more powerful, new "Pencil+ 4".

About Pencil+

PSOFT Pencil+ 4 for 3ds Max is a non-photorealistic rendering plugin which can reproduce the appearance of pen-and-ink and color pencils drawings as well as animation cels.

Main Features

  • Materials with high level of expressiveness
  • Fast and beautiful line drawing
  • Unique modifiers
  • Powerful render elements output



  • Cel shading
  • Stroke maps for hatching
  • Highlight design
  • Configurable light color influence
  • Shadow blend
  • Configurable light intensity influence New
  • Material penetration New
  • Nitrous viewport display New
  • Line reflection / refraction
  • Configurable line drawing detection
  • Line color substitution


  • Visible line drawing
  • Hidden line drawing
  • Advanced line settings
  • Detailed brush settings
  • Line animation
  • Distance-based reduction Update
  • Line size map
  • New edge detection settings
    • Outline
    • Open edge New
    • Object
    • Intersection
    • Smoothing boundary
    • Material ID boundary
    • Selected edge New
    • Normal angle
    • Wireframe Update
  • Support for external reference objects and scenes New


  • Perspective deformation modifier
  • Normal copy modifier
  • Edge selection modifier New

File Output

  • Zone render elements output
  • Line render elements output
  • Line output to EPS format

Product Prices

Standalone License (Tax included)
Download version 60,480 Yen

Please order from the PSOFT Store.


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