Render Elements

We explain how to use Render Elements to output Pencil+ 4 Lines to separate files. In addition to the standard Maya image formats, Render Elements can output to EPS and PLD* file formats.

*PLD is a dedicated data format for editing Pencil+ 4 Lines with Pencil+ 4 Line for After Effects. (Pencil+ 4 Line for After Effects is currently only available in Japanese.)


  1. Create a scene using Pencil+ 4 Lines.
  2. Open the [Pencil+ 4 Line] window.
    From the file menu, we select [Pencil+ 4] / [Open Line Window].
  3. Create a PencilRenderElementsLine node.
    We move to the [Render Elements] tab in the [Pencil+ 4 Line] window and click [Add Line].

    Note about handling of multiple Pencil+ 4 Lines in the scene.
    When saving to Maya image formats and EPS format, all Pencil+ 4 Lines are saved in one single file.
    When saving to PLD format, each PencilLine node produces its own file. If the option [Separate Folders] is disabled, the file name will be "File name prefix + separator + PencilLine node name + separator + PencilRenderElementsPld node name".

  4. Render.
    We click the button [Render the current frame] above the viewport. Images containing only the rendered Pencil+ 4 Lines are output to the specified folder.




    *Installing the PSOFT Pencil+ 4 Line Thumbnail Extension is necessary to display thumbnails for PLD files in Windows Explorer.