Using Muscles

The Muscle deformer creates muscle-like expansion, contraction and shaking.

  1. We select a mesh item.
    Here, we created a primitive [Cylinder] and selected it.
  2. We click [Muscle] in the Main Palette.
  3. We finished applying the muscle.
    Muscle controllers (Bezier node items) were added. We can deform the mesh by moving those muscle controllers.

    Please use [Cache Jiggles] if you use Jiggles.
    It is necessary to disable Modo's [Play Real Time] to correctly check Jiggle deformations with the [Play] button. Alternatively, you can use [Preview GL].

    To disable [Play Real Time]: Go to the menu bar -> Animation -> Settings -> Uncheck [Play Real Time].

    When [Play Real Time] is ON, the computation of some frames will be skipped if the playing speed drops. Since Jiggles are computed iteratively by adding a deformation to the state of the previous frame, you won't get accurate deformation results if some frames are skipped.

    You can check the P_MuscleEffector that was applied to the mesh by clicking the "+" icon in the Items list.

    You can check that the "Muscle Folder" and [General Influence] were added in the Deformers Viewport.
    By changing the [Type] of the [General Influence] from [Entire Mesh] to [Weight Map], you can specify the positions of the deformations on mesh items.

    When clicking [Muscle], if the mesh item has another item as a parent, [Parent Compensation] is set to ON.
    If you change the parent-child relationship of the mesh item after applying Muscle, please link the new parent item's [wposMatrix], [wrotMatrix] and [wsclMatrix] to [ParentPosition], [ParentRotation] and [ParentScale] respectively.


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