Creating Toon Shading (Cel Shading) Textures

This page describes a simple texture configuration using Pencil+ 2 Material.
We shall create a simple toon shading (cel shading) texture.

  1. Configure the [Pencil+ 2 Material] using the Material Editor.
    *See Using Pencil+ 2 Materials to learn how to use Pencil+ 2 Materials.

  2. Let's try reducing the number of gradation zones.
    The Gradations rollout contains 4 parameters called Zones which adjust the gradations. Starting from the left, the Zones are called [Zone1], [Zone2], [Zone3] and [Zone4].
    Flags are displayed in the gradations bottom part. These flags can be used to adjust the gradations colors.

    Let's now use the [Gradations] rollout to define a texture with 2 gradations. Drag the flags of [Zone1] and [Zone2] to the left edge.

  3. Let's try changing the colors.
    Double-click one of the flags to open the Color Selector dialog.

  4. Let's change the colors of [Zone1] and [Zone2].

  5. Let's add highlights.
    Adjust the values of [Specular Level] and [Glossiness] in the Basic Parameters rollout.
    The highlight sharpness can be adjusted with the [Sharpness] parameter.

  6. We just created a toon shading texture.

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