Using Pencil+ 2 Material Converter (1)

This tutorial introduces how to convert a [Standard Material] to a [Pencil+ 2 Material] using the Pencil+ 2 Material Converter.
  1. Open a scene file you wish to convert.

  2. Follow Command Panel / [Utilities] / [More...] / and select [Pencil+ 2 Material Converter].

  3. The [Pencil+ 2 Material Converter] rollout is displayed.

  4. Press the [Add] button to show the [Add Materials] dialog box.
    Select the materials you wish to convert and press [OK].

  5. The target materials for conversion are displayed in the [Materials] list.

  6. Press the [Convert to Pencil+ 2] button.
    The conversion confirmation dialog appears. Press [OK].

  7. The materials have been converted to Pencil+ 2 Materials.

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