Material Instructions

We explain how to use Pencil+ 4 Material to create toon shading materials.

  1. Change the renderer to [Scanline Renderer].
  2. Create an object for toon shading.
    In this example, we use the [Teapot] object from the Standard Primitives.
  3. Create a material.
    Press the [M] key to open the Slate Material Editor.
  4. Drag and drop [Pencil+ 4 Material] from [Material/Map Browser] at the left-hand side of the Slate Material Editor to the teapot object in the viewport. The Pencil+ 4 Material is applied to the teapot object.

  5. Press the [F9] key to render. The Pencil+ 4 Material is rendered.
    A gray material is drawn by default. Adjust the color as you like in the Gradations section of the Pencil+ 4 Material.

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