Line Instructions

We explain how to draw lines on objects using Pencil+ 4 Line.

  1. Change the renderer to [Scanline Renderer].
  2. Create an object for drawing lines.
    In this example, we use the [Teapot] object from the Standard Primitives.
  3. Open the [Environment and Effects] window.
    Press the [8] key to open the [Environment and Effects] window, then show the Effects tab.
  4. Add a [Pencil+ 4 Line] Click [Add...], select [Pencil+ 4 Line] from the [Add Effect] dialog and click [OK].

  5. Add a [Line Set].
    Click [Add] at the bottom of the Line Sets list in the Pencil+ 4 Line Parameters section.
  6. Add the object to the Line Set.
    Click [Add] at the bottom of the Objects list to show the [Add Objects] dialog. Select the teapot object in the list and click [Add].

  7. Press the [F9] key to render. The Pencil+ 4 Line is rendered.
    Adjust the color and size of the Line as you like in the Brush area of the Line Set section.

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