Creating Advanced Textures Using Highlight Design

We introduce the creation of textures using Pencil+ 2 Material's [Advanced Settings] / [Highlight Design]. We shall create a star-shaped highlight.

  1. Create a sphere primitive so that it is easy to observe the highlight design effect.
    Go to the [Create] panel and press the [Geometry] button, then select [Standard Primitives]. Finally press the [Sphere] button in the [Object Type] rollout.

  2. Create a Pencil+ 2 material and configure a simple highlight.
    Create the highlight by adjusting the values of [Specular Level], [Glossiness] and [Sharpness] in [Basic Parameters] rollout / [Highlight].

    We now completed the basic preparation and can start working on the creation of the actual texture.

    *See the tutorial "Using Pencil+ 2 Materials" for an introduction to the creation of materials.

  3. Go to [Pencil+ 2 Material] / [Basic Parameters] rollout / [Advanced Settings] / [Highlight Design] and check the [Enable] check box.

  4. Increase the number of summits in order to be able to create a star shape.
    Input 10 in [Set Number of Points] and press the [Reset] button.

  5. Move the summits into the shape of a star.
    The highlight will take the shape of a star when rendering.

  6. Emphasize the star shape.
    Set the value of [Amount] to 300 to emphasize the highlight's shape.


Define simple shapes using [Highlight Design] to obtain more effective results. Similarly, simpler model shapes will result in effects that are more clearly visible.

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