Using Hidden Lines

This tutorial explains how to use Pencil+ 2 Hidden Lines.

  1. Go to [Rendering] menu / [Effects] / [Environment and Effects] dialog / [Effects] tab / [Add] button / [Add Effect] dialog, select [Pencil+ 2 Line] and press [OK].

  2. Push the [Add] line set button in the [Base Parameters] roll out to add a line set.

  3. Press the [Add] object button in the [Base Parameters] roll out and add an object on which to draw lines.

  4. Go to [Line] rollout / [Invisibility Line] tab / [Edge] and adjust the check boxes. This time, as an example, we check [Object], [Smoothing Group Abut] and [Material ID Abut].

    Also, in order to easily see the hidden lines, set the [Color] in the [Brush] section to red.

  5. Render the scene.

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