Outputting Lines to an EPS File

We describe how to save Pencil+2 Lines in EPS format.
  1. Select [Rendering] menu / [Effects] / [Environment and Effects] dialog / [Effects] tab / [Add] / [Add Effect] dialog / [Pencil+2 File Output] and press [OK].
    When doing this, the Pencil+ 2 Lines must already be configured. The position of [Pencil+ 2 File Output] in the list has no importance.

  2. The [Pencil+ 2 File Output] rollout is displayed.
    Press the [Files] button and provide the destination of the saved file.

  3. Render the scene.
    The file will be created in the directory specified above.
    Also, please note that if the effect is [Active], files will be constantly created or overwritten.
    You must be especially careful when using [Render Last] (F9 key).


Line detection accuracy depends on the rendering size.
Render using a large size if you need detailed vector lines.

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