Applying Motion Blur to Lines

This tutorial introduces how to apply Motion Blur to Pencil+ 2 Lines.
  1. Prepare the data to which Motion Blur will be applied.
    We used the [Biped] object to create an animation where it is kicking up.

  2. Apply Motion Blur to the [Biped] object.
    Select the [Biped] object and press the right mouse button.
    Select [Properties...] on the quad menu.

    Follow the [Object Properties] dialog / [General] tab / [Motion Blur] and select [Image].

  3. Render the scene.
    Motion blur is applied, but there is no motion blur effect applied to the Lines.

  4. Apply Motion Blur to lines.
    Follow the [Rendering] menu / [Effects] / [Environment and Effects] dialog / [Effects] tab / [Add] button / [Add Effect] dialog and select [Motion Blur].

  5. Render the scene.

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